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Local Service Business Marketing 2017

How to Market Your Service Business

A Dramatic Shift in Marketing (That Benefits You)

For local service companies, marketing and advertising has changed dramatically over the past 5 years, and continues to change at an exponential rate.

The Internet has replaced many marketing and advertising platforms of the past, and now offers the cheapest and most effective way to reach new customers and retain existing customers.

"Today's automated marketing and customer engagement platforms provide local service companies with abilities that were once only available to large corporations."

New technology allows you to simply and easily connect with your customers to drive growth and increase revenue.

These new strategies revolve around helping you spend less time and money on customer acquisition by doing more to retain new and existing customers.

By encouraging more repeat business you can quickly increase your profitability within just a few weeks of using these new services.

Powerful Automated Tools to Grow Your Business

These new platforms transform your data into actionable insights that grow your business.

They engage your existing customer base to promote more repeat business and increase your revenue.

They connect the dots between your on and offline marketing activities and what's really driving revenue growth, and they automate the process of asking for customer feedback and systematically filter out unfavorable reviews.

The new technology engages your new and existing customers through targeted text, email, and social media campaigns.

Fueled by your customer data, these campaigns will rapidly increase repeat visits, revenue, and profitability.

The New Platforms Take Advantage of These Existing Technologies ...


91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. Now you can create custom content to help promote your brand and educate your customer base.


98% of consumers not only check their text messages but read them within 2 minutes of opening them. Instant visibility for you and your business.


71% of consumers check at least one of their social media accounts daily, allowing you to deliver powerful, and impactful messages to your customers.

Get Actionable Insight, Accurate Attribution & Simple Reporting

Not only do you get valuable information about your business, but these systems can actually identify opportunities for growth and increased revenue as well as provide advice on how to be more profitable.

Unlike marketing in the past, these new tools are completely transparent. For the first time you'll be working with technology that can actually show you the exact return on your investment, dollar for dollar.

No more vague or confusing marketing reports. Easily track trends in revenue, average order value, lifetime value of the customer, your actual % of repeat business, ROI, and many other valuable insights.

How to Tie This All Together & Get Started (As Soon As Today)

You can now take advantage of an online marketing system for your service business that is simple yet more powerful and effective than any previous system available.

Freshlime® Local Business Customer Engagement Software System

Introducing the Freshlime® Marketing Automation, Customer Engagement, & Attribution Platform for Local Business!

Freshlime® is the first of its kind automated marketing & customer engagement platform for the local services space. Our technology allows us to simply and easily connect you with your customers to drive growth and increased revenue.

Our strategy revolves around helping you spend less on customer acquisition by doing more to retain new and existing customers. By encouraging more repeat business you can quickly increase your profitability within just a few weeks of using our service.

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See how quickly you can tie all this together and take advantage of all these benefits. Contact me and I will personally guide you through the simple step-by-step process of setting up a Freshlime® account.

Frankly, Freshlime® is the best marketing platform for your service business and you will be amazed at our zero contracts and profit guarantee... 3x your investment every month!

Challenge me today to start growing your business faster and more profitably.

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